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data-role="sc_information sc_container" data-sc-c="page" data-sc-url=" bs-1505415681-ckkcjt63pw-snap-image-photo" data-sc-ti="Julius Haley, brother of Alex Haley, joined with Gov. Harry R. Hughes,cheap jordans free shipping, right,cheap jordans for sale, and others to dedicate" data-sc-th=" img-59bad206 turbine bs-1505415681-ckkcjt63pw-snap-image" data-sc-desc="Julius Haley, brother of Alex Haley,cheap jordans online, joined with Gov. Harry R. Hughes, right,cheap jordan shoes, and others to dedicate the second Kunta Kinte plaque." data-sc-sl="bs-1505415681-ckkcjt63pw-snap-image" data-sc-cont="photo" data-sc-nn="The Baltimore Sun" data-sc-contid="94614574">

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